Karma is a summary of actions collected by each player according to your actions in the game. It spans all the families you control. You can draw on your karma at the market, gaining extra resources.

Karma is gained by category:

These actions will increase the karma in their category. Once enough karma has been gained, it can be exchanged for resources at the market, lowering the karma pool again. Each category rises and falls independently. So if you do a lot of farming, your farming karma will rise faster than other categories. It takes more and more karma to gain additional resources in one exchange.

Making an exchange also costs one gold coin to attract a merchant into the deep forest. Coins are gained during the game. Remember that the market is a destructable building, it will likely not exist during the end-game.

Silver Coins are gained for successes during a game. 12 silver coins equal one gold coin, and they are gained for the following events:

The following coins can be gained again and again during each game:

XP and Levels

To track your long-term success as a player, you will get experience points and levels, like in an RPG.

The system is very simple: Every day is worth its count in XP if your family is still alive. So on day 1, you will get 1 XP. On day 12, 12 XP.
To get to level 1, you need 1000 XP. You can get there by playing just one game, and surviving till spring. Or surviving till autumn in 3 games.
The progression from there is a power function. In total XP that means: Level 2 = 4000 XP, Level 3 = 9000 XP, Level 4 = 16000 XP and so on.

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